1. adole•crazy

    adole•crazyDay ago

    Cadê os BR porra!!!❤️

  2. MrShahan1983

    MrShahan1983Day ago


  3. Natalie Rose88

    Natalie Rose88Day ago

    Maybe it's just me but i swear this song has ALOT more of a rock/pop punk sound then all the 1s he's done with Travis... obviously I think Travis Barker is the shit & I love all Jadens songs he's put out BUT Travis just put sooo much of a hip hop spin on his sound & I liked his original sound a little more...

  4. Lily Dobbs

    Lily DobbsDay ago

    nice blink-182 poster in the backgroung

  5. morgan freeman

    morgan freemanDay ago


  6. samantha tayla

    samantha taylaDay ago

    kinda giving me machine gun kelly vibes

  7. Keely Rae

    Keely RaeDay ago

    When he kicked mgk off the drums 😂

  8. Hailey Hathorn

    Hailey HathornDay ago

    Who’s here after the drama ?

  9. It’s Makennah You already know

    It’s Makennah You already knowDay ago

    Omg Bryce got me dead lol 😂

  10. Anusha Ven

    Anusha VenDay ago

    Never Shout Never vibes

  11. Baby

    BabyDay ago

    Jaden and nessa:🤢🤢🙄 Mads and Josh:😍😍😍 I Love jods/mash💖

  12. Baby

    BabyDay ago

    Only Mads is missing to stay whit Josh now #jods #mash #joshlewis #madsrichards #joshrichards #madslewis

  13. Angel Gonzalez Jr

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  14. melanie gauvin

    melanie gauvinDay ago

    The Mannequin was a girl and the real person is Bryce Hall?!?

  15. Julia

    JuliaDay ago


  16. Only Baby

    Only BabyDay ago

    Who's here after Jaden and Nessa situation the literal drama 🙋

  17. Aline Alatriste

    Aline AlatristeDay ago

    Buena canción!🌝👆🏻

  18. Hailey Binger

    Hailey BingerDay ago

    Who’s here after all the drama

  19. yungdex17

    yungdex17Day ago

    this is like a three days grace type vibe or like punk rock and this dude is fucking crazy i love his music

  20. Natasha Thompson

    Natasha ThompsonDay ago

    Jadens hair ⬆️⬇️↗️↘️↙️↩️↪️↖️⬆️⬇️↗️⤴️⤵️🔃🔄⬆️⬇️

  21. kole powell

    kole powellDay ago

    #1 R0cK$tAr

  22. kezi Ezana

    kezi EzanaDay ago

    Whose here after he started dating nessa☝️

  23. N.B.O.R [NeverBeyondOurReach]

    N.B.O.R [NeverBeyondOurReach]Day ago

    On the real though. That line slapped the first time I heard it on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

  24. Johnny_Dirtyhandz_721ers

    Johnny_Dirtyhandz_721ersDay ago

    Travis Barker🔥🔥🔥

  25. American boy

    American boyDay ago

    Это называется : тогда и сейчас

  26. Neverland K

    Neverland KDay ago

    He looks Like a baby

  27. Ryan Rivera

    Ryan RiveraDay ago

    Watching this every time I get this way so I'm reminded why I'm still here. Thank you for this.

  28. Екатерина Антипенко

    Екатерина АнтипенкоDay ago

    Я пыталась найти комментарий Пейтона....

  29. Mary Emfield

    Mary EmfieldDay ago

    His face shape kinda looks like Alec Benjamin's...

  30. Sabeehah Abdullah

    Sabeehah AbdullahDay ago

    Love the vid

  31. a l i m a

    a l i m aDay ago

    jaden honey?? you messed up real big :\

  32. Peter Flores

    Peter FloresDay ago

    I thought he was gonna say ¨cloudy with a chance of meatballs¨

  33. Milenka Salazar

    Milenka SalazarDay ago

    si no me gustaran tus canciones te hubiera tirado un montón de hate

  34. Rabbitfren Robot

    Rabbitfren RobotDay ago

    pray for u to be happy and winner @everything but dont forget that madd loves u very much. 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  35. Rabbitfren Robot

    Rabbitfren RobotDay ago

    my friends&i already vote for u @iheartradio &we'll do everyday until 19th of may2021. good luck

  36. Rabbitfren Robot

    Rabbitfren RobotDay ago

    I hope u ll win award @iheartradio 2021.

  37. Rabbitfren Robot

    Rabbitfren RobotDay ago

    dont forget to vote for this good [email protected] @social star award section please.

  38. Rabbitfren Robot

    Rabbitfren RobotDay ago

    i have been voting for u everyday and i ll do 'til 19th may. u re such a quality singer.

  39. Taki Uwu

    Taki UwuDay ago

    This really do feel like he asked mgk what he should write and he said here just change it up a bit

  40. Nerea Martínez

    Nerea MartínezDay ago

    He sounds like MGK👏❤

  41. Світлана Обіцькі

    Світлана ОбіцькіDay ago

    2021 хтось є?

  42. Ioana Kovacs

    Ioana KovacsDay ago

    Love you

  43. Ioana Kovacs

    Ioana KovacsDay ago

    I love this music

  44. darkzys

    darkzysDay ago

    dead tune

  45. Ρενα Κιριτσι

    Ρενα ΚιριτσιDay ago

    This was on my recoms why idk but did i click on it? Yup✋

  46. Katlyn Norman

    Katlyn NormanDay ago

    hes really taking me back to 2013 and im not complaining

  47. Maite Cornelissen

    Maite CornelissenDay ago

    the way Josh is in the clip

  48. ByTomick YT

    ByTomick YTDay ago


  49. Aidan Gallagher

    Aidan GallagherDay ago

    штырит не по детски)💕

  50. Tulin Keskin

    Tulin KeskinDay ago

    Cloudy with a chance of depression Cloudy with a chance of anxiety Can’t keep out the demons inside of me U made me miserable Broke my heart and i learned my lesson Maybe I’m just better off dead U make me worse not better Mistake my pain for pleasure Oof, they hit real hard (Not in order)

  51. Darkcresent Moon 167

    Darkcresent Moon 167Day ago

    "I love you, but fuck youuu" I felt that

  52. Rift_Shotz

    Rift_Shotz2 days ago

    This isn't sleeping with sirens...

  53. Ariadna Mendieta

    Ariadna Mendieta2 days ago


  54. Lil unicorn Emilee

    Lil unicorn Emilee2 days ago

    I love that you encourage people to not kill themselves people love you when you do bad stuff it just makes things worse than it is it can really effect someone's life

  55. Darkcresent Moon 167

    Darkcresent Moon 1672 days ago

    sounds like mgk style <3

  56. Andrea Azabache gamboa

    Andrea Azabache gamboa2 days ago

    Pov: estas volviendo al lugar del cual te costo mucho salir-

  57. Kat Belinda

    Kat Belinda2 days ago

    33m views? I’m so confused. Emo is back in again? Did I wake up in 1995?

  58. Kaelyn Burkett

    Kaelyn Burkett2 days ago


  59. Erica Bazile

    Erica Bazile2 days ago

    I'm watching your show right now

  60. Erica Bazile

    Erica Bazile2 days ago

    Hi I like your Song so 😘😘much even so what😇😈💵💵💵💵💵💸💸💸😍🤗😗😙😚🤔😏 ⤴💯

  61. Frank Allen

    Frank Allen2 days ago

    Stop talking about me please J , if you don't i'll tell people who you really are , see you in two weeks brother , please say hi to KELSIE ❤

  62. Laura Miguel Bustamante

    Laura Miguel Bustamante2 days ago

    Jaden I just want to tell you that God loves you no matter what you do, he loves you and can take away what you feel that struggle, ask God for help and he will give it to you, he understands you (he is your soon help and fortify) why God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that everyone who believes will not be lost anymore will have eternal life.

  63. Whitney Moses

    Whitney Moses2 days ago

    Reminds me of early 2000's rock👌

  64. Miguel Fragoso

    Miguel Fragoso2 days ago

    Fun fact: you didn’t get this recommended.

  65. Roselyn Boateng

    Roselyn Boateng2 days ago

    This is soo sad . People go through this all the time and they are left out.

  66. eloá Inocêncio

    eloá Inocêncio2 days ago

    Pov: vc ta com um pouco de ranço dele mas não consegue largar dele por causa da música ❤👄❤

  67. jennie 1234

    jennie 12342 days ago

    Quem mais veio depois da treta com o josh e agora achando que ele fez música pra Nessa

  68. ailen prieto

    ailen prieto2 days ago

    why i like it so muchhh

  69. iicrunchxcreamii

    iicrunchxcreamii2 days ago

    when my friend was naming ur songs shes like "comatose" and im like "call my toes?"

  70. Hey itsme

    Hey itsme2 days ago

    This song speaks to josh now😅

  71. Crazy Edits

    Crazy Edits2 days ago

    I at least have a million of these views

  72. Hey itsme

    Hey itsme2 days ago

    I think This song right now speaks to josh idk 🤷‍♀️

  73. Rosy Rodriguez

    Rosy Rodriguez2 days ago

    Te amooooooooo

  74. Hunter Schick

    Hunter Schick2 days ago

    "you know all my passwords" password: 1234

  75. ImKasiaaa

    ImKasiaaa2 days ago

    the beginning gives the same beat like lund reflection 😂

  76. Sad_g_url Ayo

    Sad_g_url Ayo2 days ago

    Hisss voice like chaseeeee omfggg

  77. Minerva Jacqueline

    Minerva Jacqueline2 days ago


  78. Blue Raven

    Blue Raven2 days ago

    Who's here after the drama with nessa, jaden, mads and josh?


    MUSIC UNLEASHED2 days ago

    Crazy when you get to know that blackbear wrote this.