1. lets play titanic, by michael clifford.

    lets play titanic, by michael clifford.15 hours ago

    he a rockstar not just another tiktoker :) big love from london

  2. Natalie Rose

    Natalie Rose22 hours ago

    Travis Barker can spot talent when he sees it. 100%.

  3. Byron Pollard

    Byron Pollard23 hours ago

    0:51 is When the song actually starts

  4. Landon Barron

    Landon BarronDay ago

    You mean jxde : so what Josh and Bryce : still STOFSHI Larry cancelled

  5. Landon Barron

    Landon BarronDay ago

    You mean lil huddy : 21st cechre

  6. Stephen Youngstrom

    Stephen YoungstromDay ago

    My that is sad but I am their for ya.

  7. kid . Unknown

    kid . UnknownDay ago

    I love your music dude

  8. Amya B

    Amya BDay ago

    Lil huddy colab?

  9. Pudding cup gamer 101

    Pudding cup gamer 101Day ago

    This shit trash

  10. Rachel Stewart

    Rachel StewartDay ago

    More calmer then the regular one

  11. Brooklinn Randall

    Brooklinn RandallDay ago

    Okay..... new celeb crush.... developed

  12. Rachel Stewart

    Rachel StewartDay ago

    Walked in to the party alone fuck is so relatable

  13. Rachel Stewart

    Rachel StewartDay ago

    Work it

  14. Rachel Stewart

    Rachel StewartDay ago

    Awwwww💗💗💗💗💗💗 hope you get better

  15. Emily Becker

    Emily BeckerDay ago

    why you with cancer?

  16. Ella Bransfield

    Ella BransfieldDay ago

    This song is nothing like his personality.

  17. Gaby Silva

    Gaby SilvaDay ago

    Mn essa música è tão perfeita

  18. Gaby Silva

    Gaby SilvaDay ago

    Eu escuto essa música todo dia

  19. mac dam

    mac damDay ago

    Keep your eyes on the road

  20. Jada Laing

    Jada LaingDay ago

    This boy is gonna go far


    STARGIRL SDay ago

    Ouch this beat is dangerous

  22. Mabel my dogs name My nickname's soso

    Mabel my dogs name My nickname's sosoDay ago

    He use the word depression in almost every of his songs

  23. Lucas Visconti

    Lucas ViscontiDay ago

    listen i know he is a tiktoker but hey at least its a fire song

  24. PCPol

    PCPolDay ago

    "Come on, man up!" "Boys don't cry" "Dry those tears" "Never show your weaknesses" Fuck off

  25. Darina Kulik

    Darina KulikDay ago

    вау классная типа песня

  26. Elicia Mae

    Elicia MaeDay ago

    There’s no way this song came out like 1 year ago in 2 days

  27. Blue _shinoboi

    Blue _shinoboiDay ago

    Lookin good

  28. Flavia Drew Bieber

    Flavia Drew BieberDay ago


  29. Lyric Ashton

    Lyric AshtonDay ago

    Wow all I can say is wow this is a message and y’all should take it this is jus beatiful🖤⬆️💀

  30. Emmi Carr

    Emmi CarrDay ago

    "kells" i'd stick to mgk

  31. Nena Larcombe

    Nena LarcombeDay ago

    his dancing LOL

  32. Галина Димитрова

    Галина ДимитроваDay ago

    Great, l love you

  33. Drew Leach

    Drew LeachDay ago

    I’ve always considered him as a rockstar not a tiktoker because he is so much more than a tiktoker he has so much potential in his career

  34. Chelsyvmp Edits

    Chelsyvmp EditsDay ago

    this song hits hard

  35. nissa shamiza

    nissa shamizaDay ago

    I teared up and goosebumps rose ... memories came crashing man

  36. Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai :D

    Everyone’sFavoriteSenpai :D2 days ago

    Thank you for spreading awareness. People joke about dark subjects like suicide and stuff and it honestly pisses me off. They have no fucking clue what people dealing with ACTUAL DEPRESSION FEEL!!! (I’m not depressed) If you are depressed Jxden. And the other’s who see this comment. Just know that my prayers are going out to ya’ll. I hope God is listening. Have a good day/night everyone!!!

  37. Cory Crawford

    Cory Crawford2 days ago

    I gotta be over 50k of these views 😂😂😂

  38. W E

    W E2 days ago

    The Lorax ...

  39. Ann !

    Ann !2 days ago

    I'm confused....

  40. MasterVibes

    MasterVibes2 days ago

    I like how the whole music video was inspired by Nuke town from Call of duty

  41. Ricca Donaire

    Ricca Donaire2 days ago

    I feel every word in this song. I kinda feel this is for me.

  42. toxic snail

    toxic snail2 days ago

    y do i hate and love this song at the same time lmao

  43. Bruna Summer

    Bruna Summer2 days ago

    Estou tão orgulhosa de você jay ❤

  44. Dead Tuxedo

    Dead Tuxedo2 days ago

    I’m glad I know him cuz of this song and not tiktok

  45. Nevaeh Boivin

    Nevaeh Boivin2 days ago


  46. leola mariea

    leola mariea2 days ago

    Omg this is sooooo good 😊 can relate so much 🙈

  47. silvana alice

    silvana alice2 days ago

    The neighborly spleen densply suspend because eyebrow primarily desert with a secretive armenian. snobbish, vengeful office

  48. Elizabeth Saldua

    Elizabeth Saldua2 days ago

    Literally so talented So beautiful So broken But I love him so much

  49. Lera Bazil

    Lera Bazil2 days ago

    Не верится, что несколько дней назад этому треку исполнился год...😥

  50. Ритал ٰ

    Ритал ٰ2 days ago

    لو سمحتو واحد منكم فاعل خير يكتب الكلمات

  51. Ashlynn Turner

    Ashlynn Turner2 days ago

    Who else only knows him when he has black hair

  52. Kensly Crowder

    Kensly Crowder2 days ago

    this is really good like really good i just came from nessa song ur my favorite artist now lol

  53. Ariana Dav

    Ariana Dav2 days ago

    Love you 😭♥️

  54. Inna Kudryavtseva

    Inna Kudryavtseva2 days ago

    Не зная перевода, но почувствовала энергетику видео... Теперь пытаюсь успокоится

  55. Ольга Кадын

    Ольга Кадын2 days ago

    Красавчик! Очень крутая песня😍

  56. Jess Yellow

    Jess Yellow2 days ago


  57. Dana Depriest

    Dana Depriest2 days ago

    Ok..but is he over 18? Cuz I'm having impure thoughts.

  58. savannah

    savannah2 days ago

    am I the only one that thinks Jaden will become big someday...?

  59. Sofia Ladushkina

    Sofia Ladushkina2 days ago

    I am crying. God hear us. Thank you very much, dear Jxdn. God is pleased to work

  60. evaツ

    evaツ2 days ago

    okay but this is actually good

  61. Blanca Hernanz Salso

    Blanca Hernanz Salso2 days ago

    Jaden is the best tiktok boy, no discussion.

  62. Lynn

    Lynn2 days ago

    honestly jaden i feel the same way you do.

  63. M Y

    M Y2 days ago

    I've watched and listened to this so many times. I've been struggling for so long and I'm on medication and I talk to a therapist but I still have the demons in my head with bad thoughts. This is the worst illness ever and so far I just cry in private and pray that things get better only because I know my kids, husband, and family would be devastated if I wasn't here anymore but that doesn't keep the feelings and thoughts away. This hits right at my heart knowing how broken I truly am but I have nobody to talk to that makes me feel better, I'm broken and I'm drowning....doesn't matter how old you are or what you've gone through or what help you get sometimes it's still there. Thanks Jxdn for doing what you do and being you....I know you've got to be helping so many people of all ages and situations.

  64. Без цензура

    Без цензура2 days ago

    are you gay? no hate...

  65. billie eillish / johnny orlando

    billie eillish / johnny orlando2 days ago

    Getting first tat on the first song j i still remember the day you released the song i love you

  66. Aminath Aika Ahmed

    Aminath Aika Ahmed2 days ago

    i love you and all of your songs Jayden ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Mariyah Apabhai

    Mariyah Apabhai2 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: jadens best song of all time

  68. Noah Cloutier

    Noah Cloutier2 days ago

    the video is so weird but the musin videa is perfect

  69. Karina Lizeth Martinez Montalvo

    Karina Lizeth Martinez Montalvo2 days ago

    No one will talk about how identified they felt with this song? 💔👊🏻

  70. Mariarita D'errico

    Mariarita D'errico2 days ago

    3.4 millions of wiews are mine😃

  71. Markas Ivo

    Markas Ivo2 days ago

    2:11 is that MGK ?

  72. ばがのの ばせばせ

    ばがのの ばせばせ2 days ago

    fucking alsome

  73. vickiL1980

    vickiL19802 days ago

    I'm broken. I'm so broken

  74. Charity Bounds

    Charity Bounds3 days ago

    I love this song so much🔥🔥

  75. Peyton Curtis

    Peyton Curtis3 days ago


  76. John Whitt

    John Whitt3 days ago

    Very Excellent!!

  77. cami belo

    cami belo3 days ago

    es el mejor acustico que escuche y voy a escuchar en mi vida💕

  78. Aaron Zammert

    Aaron Zammert3 days ago

    Sryyy l9ve the other oneee

  79. letii

    letii3 days ago


  80. Golbox GM

    Golbox GM3 days ago