jxdn - Angels & Demons Acoustic (Behind The Scenes)

behind the scenes for angels & demons acoustic

director: alex bordini (@alexbordini on instagram)

listen to angels & demons acoustic jxdn.lnk.to/adacoustic
listen to angels & demons jxdn.lnk.to/angelsdemons
new site jxdnmusic.com


  1. Rachel Stewart

    Rachel StewartDay ago

    Work it

  2. Andrea Gonzalez

    Andrea Gonzalez23 days ago

    Happy Birthday ♥️🎊

  3. Caley Wilkerson

    Caley Wilkerson24 days ago

    Why was this made in my birthday ummmm what

  4. renata peterka

    renata peterkaMonth ago

    bro this music is my favorite i loveit:)

  5. Fabricio Castro

    Fabricio CastroMonth ago

    BRASIL TE AMA 👁️👄👁️💅🏼

  6. Giulia Paola Rossi

    Giulia Paola Rossi2 months ago


  7. Mady VanRooyen

    Mady VanRooyen2 months ago

    his talent is fucking unbelievable

  8. yonathan kebede

    yonathan kebede2 months ago

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  9. فيツ

    فيツ3 months ago


  10. Arna Panda

    Arna Panda3 months ago

    Rockstar not tiktoker

  11. Lourdes Vera

    Lourdes Vera3 months ago

    Hermosooo ❤

  12. Kayla Goias

    Kayla Goias3 months ago

    I love your voice🙃

  13. Fabiana Arteaga

    Fabiana Arteaga4 months ago

    I Love You 😳

  14. Caleb Carmichael

    Caleb Carmichael4 months ago

    I messed with angel's and demons hope you win a Oscar after this 👍✌️

  15. Naruto Gaming

    Naruto Gaming4 months ago


  16. baby candy

    baby candy4 months ago


  17. Saiful Islam

    Saiful Islam4 months ago

    Wow he is gone on fire man

  18. Barney Crxp

    Barney Crxp4 months ago

    I found out about him through this song(its now my favorite song now)and I didn't even know he was part of the sway boys 👁👄👁

  19. shirley3202000

    shirley32020005 months ago

    I love you so much

  20. Wilbur IsPogChamp

    Wilbur IsPogChamp5 months ago

    I’m gonna take a risk at my school and play this on full volume and hopefully I don’t get suspended c:

  21. sami Cruz

    sami Cruz5 months ago

    i love all of your songs

  22. qeen mee

    qeen mee5 months ago

    I love you so much 💖

  23. Nouman Riaz

    Nouman Riaz5 months ago

    Mads you are a heck of a lucky girl🍀.🔥+✨ =perfect soulmates

  24. Kendal Crowe

    Kendal Crowe6 months ago

    Well now I have to update me music playlist to all his songs

  25. Cicero Antonio Tomaz Soares

    Cicero Antonio Tomaz Soares6 months ago


  26. Amelia Lee

    Amelia Lee6 months ago


  27. Jasmine Howell

    Jasmine Howell6 months ago

    This guy is a star a love his singing

  28. Tasos Arco Iris

    Tasos Arco Iris6 months ago

    I always love behind the scenes 😅😅

  29. sddgvjkfdhvjcnvja fdiohgijbvkfcnyöeo

    sddgvjkfdhvjcnvja fdiohgijbvkfcnyöeo6 months ago

    i love this song to much

  30. Zina Davidova

    Zina Davidova6 months ago

    Omg 😍😍😍 Super👍👍👍😘

  31. mahlou

    mahlou6 months ago

    my life >3

  32. Morgan Gilles

    Morgan Gilles6 months ago


  33. Jasmine Chouhan

    Jasmine Chouhan6 months ago

    I just want to say that Jaden has given me so much inspiration to do what i want, thank you Jaden and remember that we love you

  34. Kimmi McIlmoyle

    Kimmi McIlmoyle6 months ago

    My friend has a crush on you jxdn

  35. Jasmin Clark

    Jasmin Clark6 months ago

    I love your voice

  36. Nadine Bengosta

    Nadine Bengosta6 months ago


  37. Random Content

    Random Content6 months ago

    I love his hair

  38. Diário das Marianas

    Diário das Marianas6 months ago

    Esse é o comentário brasileiro que vc estava procurando 😊

  39. XxdaisyxX Dont ask

    XxdaisyxX Dont ask6 months ago

    Your my favo boy from the sway house

  40. joker joker

    joker joker6 months ago

    Hi 🤤😍

  41. Idk

    Idk6 months ago

    I love you jaden❤️

  42. Ich esse dein essen

    Ich esse dein essen6 months ago


  43. Ruby Lou

    Ruby Lou6 months ago

    Well done

  44. joker joker

    joker joker6 months ago

    Love b.

  45. Aditi Khulbe

    Aditi Khulbe6 months ago

    I know probably no one is reading this comment. But still lemme give it a shot. I did a cover of this song. I recently discovered him and his songs and i can really resonate with them. Specially love this one a little too much. I sing and play this whenever im frustrated (which is ALOT of the times lol) If any of yall want to go and give a listen, would mean alot to me.💕💕💕 :) peace out

  46. Mariana Garcia

    Mariana Garcia6 months ago

    No big old me

  47. Its_lily

    Its_lily6 months ago

    The thing that’s so amazing about this is that he legit is singing along to the track bc when singers film music videos they usually lip sync to the track and it’s put over the footage but with him it’s different.its better bc he is showing real talent without hiding behind auto tune bc he doesn’t need it

  48. Sara

    Sara6 months ago

    No te entendí nada pero te amo xd

  49. Kenedy W

    Kenedy W6 months ago

    He's so talented it's unreal... And his tattoos are sick

  50. sabine_the_bean 07

    sabine_the_bean 077 months ago

    Omg jaden is the cutest human in the world he’s singing is amazing and so talented

  51. Cleiri Lopez

    Cleiri Lopez7 months ago

    Luv u jaden

  52. Roxanne Jame

    Roxanne Jame7 months ago

    Jaden Hossler's accent:drug😍😍😍

  53. Rotten._

    Rotten._7 months ago

    Why are there dislikes again?

  54. Cláudia Pedro

    Cláudia Pedro7 months ago


  55. Jessica Dickson

    Jessica Dickson7 months ago

    My parents:sleeping me:AND ALL THESE ANGELS AND DEMONS

  56. juli castro

    juli castro7 months ago

    Eres hermoso

  57. Erika Georgiana Matache

    Erika Georgiana Matache7 months ago

    I wish you will mary me but i am 8 years old but i wish bye😭😭😭😭

  58. Sandra Vazquez

    Sandra Vazquez7 months ago

    even his voice gives me butterflies bruh

  59. Muna Abdi

    Muna Abdi7 months ago


  60. Sarah Latif

    Sarah Latif7 months ago

    i wonder why the swayboys are being cancelled everytime and they are the truthful pple i have ever seen

  61. Sofia Ramírez

    Sofia Ramírez7 months ago

    Holaaa 🤗 ¿Eres fan de Grey's Anatomy? ¿te gustaría estar en un grupo?

  62. Hillary Jiron

    Hillary Jiron7 months ago


  63. Edward Staggs

    Edward Staggs7 months ago

    I like you ❤️❤️❤️

  64. skyewastaken

    skyewastaken7 months ago

    soft boy vibes

  65. Ella Berzins

    Ella Berzins7 months ago


  66. Temp

    Temp7 months ago

    I literally feel this song

  67. sabine_the_bean 07

    sabine_the_bean 077 months ago

    He is so talented he handles drama so good and his so sweet like saying his fans are beautiful I love him

  68. Inderjit Sodhi

    Inderjit Sodhi7 months ago

    I just love this song

  69. Elenor Winkelmann

    Elenor Winkelmann7 months ago

    I think this ist the best Song ever! Love it

  70. Ebbie Izuakor

    Ebbie Izuakor7 months ago

    U are so beautiful 🥰🥰 and so talented love uu

  71. Satitma Kid

    Satitma Kid7 months ago

    This was on my birthday odd

  72. Gergő fan Forever

    Gergő fan Forever7 months ago

    Ki nézi még úgy hogy közben alig ért valamit mert magyar🤣🤣???

  73. Rosemary

    Rosemary7 months ago

    Why do you smoke in the song so what Anthony does in the mini smart why do you smell

  74. Rosemary

    Rosemary7 months ago

    You are super high and I love you a lot do you been all my god you’re a great singer ever heard

  75. Yolanda Fajardo

    Yolanda Fajardo7 months ago

    Keep it up jaden the legend

  76. Yolanda Fajardo

    Yolanda Fajardo7 months ago

    This is fire

  77. Paz belen Hidalgo

    Paz belen Hidalgo7 months ago

    Yo esperando un comentaruo en español 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  78. Erika Georgiana Matache

    Erika Georgiana Matache7 months ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i am crying i love you jaden hooslor😭😭

  79. Zuko

    Zuko7 months ago

    I know him on discord, he’s pretty chill.

  80. Janelle Villegas

    Janelle Villegas7 months ago

    Make merchandise

  81. o a

    o a7 months ago

    Loveee youuuu talented

  82. Marina Bouzaki

    Marina Bouzaki7 months ago

    I love these song the video clip it’s just fire I am so proud of him 💖🔥

  83. Spectrumoff

    Spectrumoff7 months ago

    А где русские🗿

  84. Roblox Chandler

    Roblox Chandler7 months ago

    I love the song xx

  85. Elisia Stein

    Elisia Stein7 months ago

    Wow kkkkkk

  86. Celine Itani

    Celine Itani7 months ago

    If u are a fan of jaden like me like this comment

  87. Noor Ali

    Noor Ali7 months ago

    U should be at a 1 million subs already

  88. Hannah Grace

    Hannah Grace7 months ago

    “jus kidding im small asf” thats not what mads duet said 👁👄👁

  89. celespe Locsh

    celespe Locsh7 months ago

    You are talented Like if you agree

  90. Tia Davies

    Tia Davies7 months ago

    He’s amazing😍

  91. Deepika Shrestha

    Deepika Shrestha7 months ago


  92. Lina-Yasmine Habes

    Lina-Yasmine Habes7 months ago

    Me waiting for so what like : 👁👄👁


    ANA JÚLIA SOUZA7 months ago

    Jaden i love you

  94. Vanitha Sayed

    Vanitha Sayed7 months ago


  95. Hannah Panda

    Hannah Panda7 months ago

    This man is prob the most talented, mature and amazing person on tiktok! (sorry Charli and Addison) People do not take time and see what he works on other that tiktok. is music is great and from his heart.

  96. Maria Oliveira

    Maria Oliveira7 months ago


  97. X_Mokka_x

    X_Mokka_x7 months ago

    I need So what- I'M WAITING FOR YOUUU

  98. alicix bxs

    alicix bxs7 months ago

    I love you

  99. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre7 months ago

    Remember me when the whole world is listening to his music and just vibing to it

  100. Theodora Korfiati

    Theodora Korfiati7 months ago

    I love you jaden