jxdn - Comatose (Official Audio)

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  1. Lera Bazil

    Lera Bazil2 days ago

    Не верится, что несколько дней назад этому треку исполнился год...😥

  2. Karina Lizeth Martinez Montalvo

    Karina Lizeth Martinez Montalvo2 days ago

    No one will talk about how identified they felt with this song? 💔👊🏻

  3. inma v

    inma v5 days ago

    Happy 1 yearrr😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. camila robledo

    camila robledo5 days ago


  5. Jordan Austin

    Jordan Austin5 days ago

    It’s been 1 year and I’m still listening to this

  6. Dhiya Rajcoomar

    Dhiya Rajcoomar5 days ago

    no way its already a year old...

  7. C W

    C W5 days ago


  8. lil eternity

    lil eternity5 days ago

    Прошёл уже год, а я всё ещё знаю текст наизусть и прихожу сюда когда мне плохо🥺🥰

  9. Valentina Monteros

    Valentina Monteros6 days ago

    One year

  10. Martina Figueroa

    Martina Figueroa6 days ago

    mañana se hace 1 año de que salió comatose wow

  11. Rayden Loucks

    Rayden Loucks10 days ago

    i am

  12. mimmm time

    mimmm time11 days ago

    5 more days will be a year since this song came out

  13. Yvan Cizmic

    Yvan Cizmic12 days ago

    Damn its crazy to think this song was realest 1 year ago


    ANTRIX and DAMIÁN FINO14 days ago

    my favorite ♥️

  15. Ella Bransfield

    Ella Bransfield15 days ago

    2024: Jaden making it in the music business and bringing a new meaning to rockstar. Josh and Bryce still making dis tracks.

  16. mari :b

    mari :b17 days ago

    he will go very far🖤

  17. Cande Gardner

    Cande Gardner20 days ago


  18. XPhantomOrionX

    XPhantomOrionX21 day ago

    Been sleeping on these tiktokers but this kid Jaden's definitely talented.

  19. lowkey kaye

    lowkey kaye21 day ago


  20. Andrea Gonzalez

    Andrea Gonzalez23 days ago

    Happy Birthday 🎊♥️

  21. ryuzakishoe

    ryuzakishoe23 days ago

    every jaden fan, we will come here on feb 26 and say "HAPPY ONE YEAR COMATOSE🖤"

  22. Vanessa Stephens

    Vanessa Stephens25 days ago

    this was a year ago...

  23. Yağmur Bülbül

    Yağmur Bülbül27 days ago


  24. Ondrej Bodnar

    Ondrej Bodnar27 days ago

    i love ur songs they are the best u are the best singer better then payton

  25. Fabiane Da silva

    Fabiane Da silva28 days ago


  26. Mandy Kola

    Mandy Kola29 days ago

    Hey this has been my hype song for the past couple of weeks love your music 🥺!!

  27. Lanna Goodwin

    Lanna GoodwinMonth ago

    I love this song

  28. Scarlett Boudreau

    Scarlett BoudreauMonth ago

    think this song is almost a year old and it feels like yesterday i heard it for the first time

  29. _ didarvnm

    _ didarvnmMonth ago

    скоро год...

  30. Izzy Eldridge

    Izzy EldridgeMonth ago

    This song is really relatable...

  31. KiarahasbunYT

    KiarahasbunYTMonth ago

    I miss you Jady you're doing a great job!!!🥰🖤🧷🖤😍😍

  32. Rory Pinter

    Rory PinterMonth ago

    No one: Absolutely nobody: Me to my mom: Mamma I'm in love with a guy who's broke too

  33. Arabella Brown

    Arabella BrownMonth ago

    dude your music is like so good people be listening to be happy by dixie when you out here making history keep it up and no hate on dixie

  34. Kaizer

    KaizerMonth ago

    Hands up if you've been here since this 🙌

  35. ʏ7ᴋɴᴇssᴀ_

    ʏ7ᴋɴᴇssᴀ_Month ago


  36. Emma’s hectic life

    Emma’s hectic lifeMonth ago

    POV this came out a day before your bday and that was the only song you listed to bc you were and still are obsessed

  37. Thaís Venancio

    Thaís VenancioMonth ago

    listen to your music all the time, it's amazing !! ( since you posted) Ily ✨❤

  38. Manda Peer

    Manda PeerMonth ago

    You are amazing Jaden. Stay strong man. ♡♡♡

  39. Justin Mertz

    Justin MertzMonth ago

    This reminds me of early mid 2000s rock

  40. rita hamid

    rita hamidMonth ago

    who’s here in 2021

  41. charli damelio

    charli damelioMonth ago


  42. Lottie Taylor

    Lottie TaylorMonth ago

    2021 anyone??

  43. Juliza

    Juliza2 months ago

    This tiktok boy got talent and skills ❤✨😁

  44. guys please

    guys please2 months ago

    the only tiktok boy that has REAL talent

  45. Emaa Garfild

    Emaa Garfild2 months ago


  46. 4vq14 duh

    4vq14 duh2 months ago

    Im still listening to this it’s so good tho

  47. Fred Colburn

    Fred Colburn2 months ago

    Who better jxdn or ondra (JXND

  48. Payton Loves Wresling Show

    Payton Loves Wresling Show2 months ago


  49. Mereduth Grubb

    Mereduth Grubb2 months ago

    I think im one of the few who dont do Tik Tok. I just randomly found him thru Travis and was blown away.

  50. Tim

    Tim2 months ago

    You should feel sick to your stomach for listening to this. This shit was done 20 years ago already

  51. Brawl Stars

    Brawl Stars2 months ago


  52. Asem Bolatova

    Asem Bolatova2 months ago

    Всем привет 😋🖤

  53. 7-E Carrión Sara

    7-E Carrión Sara2 months ago

    My boy 😍

  54. Anya Mehay

    Anya Mehay2 months ago

    9 months wow I'm here watching him grow so much. 🥺🥺🔫🔫🔫

  55. Paul Silva

    Paul Silva2 months ago

    Jaden you are awesome!!!!

  56. Mady VanRooyen

    Mady VanRooyen2 months ago

    my friend: whos your favorite person me: JADEN HOSSLER *true story, then i got made fun of for liking him and his music cause my friends don’t like him 😕 yea then i got called a loser and a freak and was known as the schools depressed clown for a month or 2. but i didn’t care, i still listened to his music cause it was one of the things that made me happy*

  57. Madou Madou

    Madou Madou2 months ago

    OMG!!!! You are beautiful!!!!

  58. Scerbsios

    Scerbsios2 months ago

    Who else has been like... belting this out in the shower 🎤

  59. Georlinda

    Georlinda2 months ago

    This song came back to my mind so here I am.. December anyone? lmao okay

  60. ⃢

    2 months ago

    and now it’s tonight... so proud of jxdn 🖤🖤

  61. Chloé nguyen

    Chloé nguyen2 months ago

    I love you but fuck you 😉

  62. Desimalfoypotter 69

    Desimalfoypotter 692 months ago

    This is such a vibe ❤️

  63. Strawberry Milk

    Strawberry Milk2 months ago

    My emo self coming up to the surface

  64. Lourdes Vera

    Lourdes Vera3 months ago

    Beutiful ❤

  65. Sinead Byrne O Dwyer

    Sinead Byrne O Dwyer3 months ago

    For a concert

  66. Sinead Byrne O Dwyer

    Sinead Byrne O Dwyer3 months ago

    Pls come to ireland

  67. selenite

    selenite3 months ago

    vaguely reminds me of three days grace and 1x1 by bmth, good job lol

  68. #SLT G

    #SLT G3 months ago

    i don't care enuf to miss you.

  69. danzi polo

    danzi polo3 months ago

    only tiktoker that actually has talent

  70. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari3 months ago

    Very noice

  71. imasimp forushijimawakatoshi

    imasimp forushijimawakatoshi3 months ago

    I could've sworn I grew up with song 👁️👄👁️it's sounds like a band I listened to.....i had NO IDEA jaden made this song 👹👁️

  72. Jojo Kitchens

    Jojo Kitchens3 months ago

    Does anyone else notice that in every music video he has a mirror shot of him looking in the mirror

  73. birdie

    birdie3 months ago

    now that u mention it no i didnt

  74. Maddie gossard

    Maddie gossard3 months ago

    Lame Tiktokers: no one has talent except me on this app Jaden:👁👄👁

  75. Amarasstoopid

    Amarasstoopid3 months ago

    this is so good omg

  76. Chrissy McDermott

    Chrissy McDermott3 months ago

    I love this song 💜🖤

  77. Best Sisters sons

    Best Sisters sons3 months ago

    Dose it say that I’m a bog fan that every morning his music plays for my alarm in the morning lol

  78. amanda graham

    amanda graham3 months ago

    I literally listen to all his songs about 10 times each song every day or more 😂❤️I’m so happy that I found his songs ❤️❤️and I’m thankful they my are so touching to me

  79. amanda graham

    amanda graham3 months ago

    Am I the only one that feels this way or nah

  80. victoria armonta

    victoria armonta3 months ago

    Listen to this song one more time before taking it out of my playlist cause mans is a kkk member 😩

  81. Travis Teeter

    Travis Teeter3 months ago

    Am I the only one listening to this in 2020 November

  82. Zarcort

    Zarcort4 months ago

    I'm not a fan of rock but Jaden just hits different.

  83. Fenix 4333

    Fenix 43334 months ago

    Este youtuber es un buen youtube

  84. Winter

    Winter4 months ago

    Wait he's a tik toker?

  85. beachy slow-mos

    beachy slow-mos4 months ago

    I cant..

  86. BP 075

    BP 0754 months ago

    fuck this shit im out

  87. Noreen Truong

    Noreen Truong4 months ago

    ok anyone else here bc of Sarah Baska

  88. Adriana gutierrez

    Adriana gutierrez4 months ago

    My favorite english song honestly

  89. Hii Bbys

    Hii Bbys4 months ago

    Sou cadelinha drleeee❣🥺

  90. Ellie Mai Carty

    Ellie Mai Carty4 months ago

    Let’s be honest Jaden is the only tiktoker that will succeed in the music society no offence to all the other ones

  91. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Tu mamá es mi suegra. ☝🏻

  92. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Hola. ✌🏻

  93. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Los que le dieron dislike tomen esto. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  94. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Eres perfecto. 😍

  95. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Eres el mejor. 💜

  96. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Siempre te apoyare. 🖤

  97. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Siempre te apoyare pase lo que pase. 🤩

  98. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Mi cantante favorito. ✨

  99. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Te regalo mi corazón. ❤️

  100. lucero.servin

    lucero.servin4 months ago

    Jaden te amooo. ❣️

  101. BigChubz

    BigChubz4 months ago

    Thanks to Christian Delgrosso.

  102. Evie Bywater

    Evie Bywater4 months ago

    Jaden is literally the cutest most talent person. I love him so much like if you agree :)