jxdn - Angels & Demons (Official Lyric Video)

official lyric video for angels & demons
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Two face, Two face, yeah
Black, white, left, right, yeah
Up, down, all night, yeah
Can’t escape it ever
Don’t forget my name
I don’t feel the same
On a trip no train
And all these angels and demons
Keep shouting and screaming
I’m falling from Eden
So fuck me like a rockstar, dancing on a cop car
Nothing in the world can stop me now
Fucked up like a rockstar
Riding in a cop car, no one in the world can help me out
Everybody said that I’m falling, huh
Took another line, I’m calling, huh
I’m so sick of the nonsense
Ima dive into the mosh pit
I don’t really think I’m the problem
I don’t really think its a problem
Me plus me is a problem
One gunshot could solve them
Tell my friends I’m sorry though
Tell my sins to go
And all these angels and demons
Keep shouting and screaming
I’m falling from Eden
So fuck me like a rockstar, dancing on a cop car
Nothing in the world can stop me now
Fucked up like a rockstar
Riding in a cop car, no one in the world can help me out
Rockstar rockstar
And all these angels and demons
Keep shouting and screaming
I’m falling from Eden
So fuck me like a rockstar, dancing on a cop car
Nothing in the world can stop me now
Fucked up like a rockstar
Riding in a cop car, no one in the world can help me out
So fuck me like a rockstar, dancing on a cop car
Nothing in the world can stop me now
Fucked uplike a rockstar
Riding in a cop car, no one in the world can help me out.


  1. Sofi V

    Sofi V11 days ago

    Him and nessa r the only tiktokers who can actually make music

  2. Golbox GM

    Golbox GM14 days ago


  3. Farah Mohammad

    Farah Mohammad22 days ago

    1:08 is my personal favorite part

  4. Andrea Gonzalez

    Andrea Gonzalez23 days ago

    Happy Birthday ♥️🎊

  5. Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you

    Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love youMonth ago

    I love Jaden /jxnd music

  6. Desiree Honeycutt

    Desiree HoneycuttMonth ago

    The song came out 7 months ago and i am still jamming to it

  7. ARIES

    ARIESMonth ago

    ily jaden, fxk me like a rockstar 🥺

  8. Saylor Millington

    Saylor Millington2 months ago


  9. vannie roxas

    vannie roxas2 months ago

  10. Borohead1130

    Borohead11302 months ago

    this sounds like another song

  11. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear3 months ago


  12. sol Vazquez

    sol Vazquez3 months ago

    angels😇 demons😈❤❤

  13. Leah

    Leah3 months ago

    ahhh this song lives on my phone on repeat all day

  14. Leah

    Leah3 months ago

    out of all his songs this has to be my favourite

  15. Jenna Morgan

    Jenna Morgan3 months ago

    bruhhhh this song hits different

  16. Evie Bywater

    Evie Bywater4 months ago

    anyone here in nov 2020

  17. Jordin Kessler

    Jordin Kessler4 months ago

    I'm may be an angel on the outside but I have thoughts like a demon

  18. deiselu0

    deiselu04 months ago

    Amei a música 🇧🇷

  19. Bubu Icha

    Bubu Icha4 months ago


  20. Nicole Cavalcante

    Nicole Cavalcante4 months ago


  21. Char_addi

    Char_addi4 months ago

    0:24 is this what you looking for😏 and 1:43

  22. Baani Dhillon

    Baani Dhillon4 months ago

    Honestly he’s so cute I love you ❤️

  23. baby candy

    baby candy4 months ago

    🎸👄🎸 y 😈👄😇

  24. Malaak Abdul Aziz

    Malaak Abdul Aziz4 months ago

    My favourite song ....and if you guys are not subscribed so what are you doing go and subscribe to this Jxdn and like

  25. Kristy L Swank

    Kristy L Swank4 months ago

    Omg this song I'm in love with!!!💗😇👹

  26. Destiny Mullins

    Destiny Mullins4 months ago

    The rasp in his voice makes it so much better

  27. sheila garcia

    sheila garcia4 months ago

    ceo of being obsessed w this song

  28. Shorty Lue

    Shorty Lue4 months ago

    Your music makes me happy pls keep making music you have a real voices that isn’t fake use your talent

  29. J Ghazal

    J Ghazal4 months ago

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Sarah Price

    Sarah Price4 months ago

    we some behind the scenes videos

  31. Sarah Price

    Sarah Price4 months ago

    Moment of silence for the editor................... we salute you ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Sarah Price

    Sarah Price4 months ago


  33. Saiful Islam

    Saiful Islam4 months ago

    Wow I an impress whith you jaden you insane when you sing your music louder then it means your going rocksterry.

  34. Juli La garrafa

    Juli La garrafa5 months ago

    Amo esta canción 🎵 😍

  35. Ghadeer Dehrab

    Ghadeer Dehrab5 months ago

    overall jaden your a born star ⭐️ much love and I hope to hear more of your awsome music 🎶 Love you

  36. Andrea Adams

    Andrea Adams5 months ago

    The first time I heard Jaden was on Josh’s live.. he played Angels and Demons when it was released. Then I become obsessed- there’s just something about the lyrics-

  37. Alison Bowman

    Alison Bowman5 months ago

    No one: Me dancing I’m my room at 3 am to this.

  38. quel gama

    quel gama5 months ago

    Maria fumaça é perfeito certo? Sim ou sim?💞👄💞

  39. Mihály Ludman

    Mihály Ludman5 months ago

    I love you tooooo jxdn

  40. Scarlette Garita

    Scarlette Garita5 months ago

    You are the best Jxdn

  41. Eva_. T

    Eva_. T5 months ago

    Im your bigest fan and you're PERFECT❤💕💞💗😆

  42. Yolanda Medina Bermudez

    Yolanda Medina Bermudez5 months ago

    i love this song ❤😍💖

  43. Sarah Maddick

    Sarah Maddick5 months ago

    when we were young

  44. Maria Ferreira

    Maria Ferreira5 months ago


  45. cristina lizana

    cristina lizana5 months ago

    Yo buscando comentarios en español

  46. Rose light

    Rose light5 months ago


  47. Court Moli

    Court Moli5 months ago

    ughahahha i hate the fact that this song is a vibe

  48. lxdn levilevens

    lxdn levilevens5 months ago

    i have always wanted to be little jaden he is my freaking insparation just saying love you jaden just keep grinding at some point i hope you have concert so i can be there you have all my love and support i would love to come meet you.all right your my boy you be you

  49. Delaney Myers

    Delaney Myers5 months ago

    for all the people who think tiktokers cant sing... this video proved you wrong hahahaaa

  50. revuutube

    revuutube5 months ago

    This is not rock its more like EDM/trap with literally 2 chords or watered down numetal but ya know what it's ok its close enough I'll take it over the rest of the garbage music you kids love at least he's actually singing loud. He is using pitch correction and layers tho.

  51. Girls Iax

    Girls Iax5 months ago


  52. Brooklee Prince

    Brooklee Prince5 months ago

    This song makes me so happy. Not just this song but all of his. I really can realate to it and his voice is just so good. My favourite " tik toker" I say " tik toker" beacuse he is so much more than that. Sooo much love and support

  53. The Green Family

    The Green Family6 months ago

    Jaden is a legend and is so underrated! And this lyric video is amazing too! Anyone who says different is stupid

  54. Monyque Larissa

    Monyque Larissa6 months ago

    Dia 1 tentando aprende a cantar

  55. Lily Pelletier

    Lily Pelletier6 months ago

    When I get upset I listen to his music and it either calms me down or builds me back up

  56. Charles Lyons

    Charles Lyons6 months ago


  57. Анна Столетова

    Анна Столетова6 months ago

    Классная песня я думала здесь нету русских .вхвхвх

  58. Lenin Burbano

    Lenin Burbano6 months ago

    Suena PODER!! saludos desde Ecuador 🇨🇴*

  59. Gianna_colon17

    Gianna_colon176 months ago


  60. Sarah Cigher

    Sarah Cigher6 months ago

    Hiiii I love you

  61. Mandy cochran

    Mandy cochran6 months ago

    This is a literal vibe. Jaden is more than a TikToker❤👍🏻

  62. Laura Baros

    Laura Baros6 months ago

    This songs is brilliant

  63. Laura Baros

    Laura Baros6 months ago

    You are jest mega i live your songs😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍

  64. Laura Baros

    Laura Baros6 months ago


  65. Laura Baros

    Laura Baros6 months ago

    I Love your songs

  66. onion

    onion6 months ago

    i’m so proud of u-

  67. Aaisha A

    Aaisha A6 months ago

    Angels and demons is the best

  68. Aditi Khulbe

    Aditi Khulbe6 months ago

    I know probably no one is reading this comment. But still lemme give it a shot. I did a cover of this song. I recently discovered him and his songs and i can really resonate with them. Specially love this one a little too much. I sing and play this whenever im frustrated (which is ALOT of the times lol) If any of yall want to go and give a listen, would mean alot to me.💕💕💕 :) peace out

  69. Metro Boomin

    Metro Boomin6 months ago

    Wait am actual roc music i like orbhis music

  70. starss

    starss6 months ago

    don't mind me, relating my childhood and current state to this song--

  71. hannah

    hannah6 months ago



    THEVICKERYBEAST6 months ago

    came here from james marriot

  73. AZzy

    AZzy7 months ago

    i love that song OMG

  74. Cookie Roblox

    Cookie Roblox7 months ago

    He’s made by angels and chased by demons

  75. Daisy Da Boss

    Daisy Da Boss7 months ago

    Like bruh his talking voice and singing voice r completely different like bruhhhhhh he’s amazing what a rockstar

  76. Andrea Adams

    Andrea Adams7 months ago

    Nobody: Not a soul: Not even Charli D’Amelio renegading: Me: *replays song x37363663647373647362773*

  77. Joel Sunny Violin

    Joel Sunny Violin7 months ago

    i played this on the violin if anyone wants to check it out :)

  78. kingGamer

    kingGamer7 months ago

    you guys genuinely listen to this shite PATHETIC lmao

  79. xXApexJaiXx

    xXApexJaiXx7 months ago

    Better than the actual music vid

  80. Tee Dawg

    Tee Dawg7 months ago

    I love you so much 😝🥰

  81. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi7 months ago

    I can sing this

  82. Nina Semionov

    Nina Semionov7 months ago

    To those 243 people who disliked can go leave now!

  83. Kayla Bateast

    Kayla Bateast7 months ago

    He is freakin amazing. He is such a nice guy and a great singer. I never really listened to this type of music until now 👩🏾‍🦱👌🏾💗🥺

  84. ทิพวัลย์ โยยรัมย์

    ทิพวัลย์ โยยรัมย์7 months ago

    ❤️❤️fantastic voice and cute man❤️❤️

  85. SIDEWALK Shoe Shop

    SIDEWALK Shoe Shop7 months ago

    How the actual hell did a tiktok GET THIS GOOD?!

  86. Jordin Kessler

    Jordin Kessler7 months ago

    Angels and Demons is my favorite song

  87. Tenz0o

    Tenz0o7 months ago


  88. Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미

    Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미7 months ago

    Me encanta fuaa

  89. Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미

    Zoe Aylen 마리아나 아미7 months ago

    Omg de publicidad en la final me salio "Filter" de Jimin de b*t/s :O

  90. Даша

    Даша7 months ago

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  91. Miren Rizk

    Miren Rizk7 months ago

    Rock is don't my style but i love this songs

  92. Betül Öztürk

    Betül Öztürk7 months ago

    His song's beat and beginning of his songs are masterpieceeee......

  93. Radella G

    Radella G7 months ago

    idk why but i find this song rlly relaxing to me😂🥺, i really enjoyed this song while im closing my eyes or im sleeping, and his voice is just😭❤🤩

  94. Kaitelin D

    Kaitelin D7 months ago

    Who else knew all the lyrics and were just singin along?🖤🤍🤣🎼🎤

  95. Kaitelin D

    Kaitelin D7 months ago

    This guy has an AMAZING voice!!keep making fire music🖤🤍

  96. Muflihah Nasir

    Muflihah Nasir7 months ago

    This song is actually Fire, Birning my heart deep❤😱

  97. Sandra

    Sandra7 months ago

    Me waiting for "so what" to be released and just sitting waiting,crying( bc I'm so proud of you Jaden) and listening to all his songs

  98. DuckMadeOfCheese

    DuckMadeOfCheese7 months ago

    From james

  99. Salma Arafa

    Salma Arafa7 months ago

    Jaden u were literally my favorite person in the sway house! I’ve discovered u a couple of days ago and I’m already OBSESSED with u and ur music!!! 🥺🥺🥺 I know u won’t see this 😭

  100. Kermit The Senpai

    Kermit The Senpai7 months ago

    the lyric video is better then the actual music video

  101. morganS

    morganS7 months ago


  102. Rafa Moura

    Rafa Moura7 months ago